Recovery, What’s Next, and Goals

Now that I am 6 days out from my race, I’m feeling really good. Basically back to normal. My recovery has been pretty smooth sailing and easier than I was expecting based upon how the race went, which I will happily take! My right knee was in a lot of pain on Saturday, and I did have a nasty blister that I had to drain to ease the pain, but other than those things, recovery has been great. I will say I have been exceptionally hungry, and have eaten whatever I want. After the race I celebrated with pizza and cookies. I’ve had a couple of adult beverages this past week, I have had a lot of sweets, fried greasy foods, and just gave myself permission to eat whatever I want and what sounds good. I’m getting back on track with my nutrition and fueling my body well, along with resuming running after 4 days off.


What’s Next?!

I’ve given this quite a bit of thought during my taper. I am a fairly Type A person and I love having a plan in place and new goals to achieve. I have found that if I don’t have something lined up after a training cycle, the post race blues hit me and I become stagnant (the cold rainy weather this time of year doesn’t help either). And since I’ve got some racing goals for 2019, doing nothing this winter isn’t an option. So for the remainder of 2018 I’ll be focusing on strength training, cross training, and maintaining my current running base while focusing on speed work. My plan to ensure I keep my focus is the following:

  1. Strength Training: LIIFT 4 (4x week)
  2. Cross Training: 30-day Yoga with Adriene (I LOVE Adriene)
  3. Running: Run 4x week (2 EZ runs, 1 speed run, & 1 long run)

I created an 8 week training plan with 4 days of strength training, 4 days of running, and 2 complete rest days. This does mean I’ll be doubling up on days with weights and running. I’m prepared to skip some workouts or add in another rest day here and there if my body needs it, but overall given my current fitness level, I feel like this is very do-able, especially with the holidays right around the corner. After these 8 weeks, I’ll be back in racing mode and will be working towards my 2019 goals!



Based upon my half-marathon PR, my predicted 5k finish time is 28:01 and my predicated 10k finish time is 58:26. Given the fact that I want to PR in both distances in 2019, my goals are:

  1. Sub 28:00 5k
  2. Sub 60:00 10k
  3. Sub 2:00 Half

My current 5k PR is 28:52 and I actually don’t have a 10k PR so I’m excited to focus on some shorter distances, and continue chasing towards that sub 2 hour half-marathon.


Is your 2018 racing season over? If so, what do you like to focus on to prepare for next year?

What goals do you have for 2019?

What is your favorite type of cross training?

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