7 Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

For the month of March, I ran 18 times. Of those 18 runs, 12 of them were with the jogging stroller. So, to say I run with the jogging stroller a lot might just be a bit of an understatement.

Naturally, I ‘ve been asked for some tips or advice on how to approach running with a stroller and I thought I’d take the time to get these thoughts down so others can benefit too!

Here is my advice when running with a jogging stroller:

  1. Run with an actual jogging stroller. This may seem obvious, but if you’re new to running, it may not be. And trust me, jogging strollers are built differently so it can handle the speed, shock, and maneuvering running requires. I’ll also say that a top of the line jogging stroller is not necessary. I have a very inexpensive one that also came with the infant car seat and its going on 7 years. Find something in your budget with good safety ratings and you’ll be set.
Warm and sunny jogging stroller miles by Running With Randi
Warm and sunny jogging stroller miles!
  1. Change your mindset. Keep in mind when running with a jogging stroller you are running and pushing a lot of weight! This will naturally slow you down, so be prepared to runner slower and accept it. If it helps, you can think of these runs as a double whammy: strength training AND running all in one!


  1. Start slow. Like really Ease into it. Listen to a podcast, or an audiobook, or music if you need to take your mind off going slowly. Allow your body to warm up and adjust to the added exertion of pushing a jogging stroller. Its easier to pick up the pace once you ease into a run, then it is to slow down after you’ve gotten tired.
Nice and easy jogging stroller run
A nice and easy jogging stroller run.
  1. Build mileage like you would with solo running…gradually. If you have a solid base and have been running for a while then its reasonable you can manage moderate distances with a jogging stroller. If you’re new to running and running with a jogging stroller, start with a mile or 2 and build up by half a mile to one mile every week.


  1. A lot of people ask me about form and I have very unscientific response: do what feels right or what feels good. If you hold the stroller with both hands then great. If one hand feels better, then great! If you alternate between hands then great (I do)! If you run behind the stroller or next to it, great! I really believe that getting lost in the details can overwhelm you and add extra dread to the run. I say just go out there and experiment. Over time you’ll see what you naturally tend towards.
Easy Jogging Stroller form
Focused on form during this easy jogging stroller run. One handed seems to be my preferred jogging stroller grip.
  1. Pack a snack and a sippy cup or bottle for your little one. My boys have always really loved going on runs with me and they both rarely needed a snack or drink to keep them entertained. However, do what works for you! Sometimes even a little screen time for your babe will help you can get in a good run!


  1. Run to a park and let your little one play for 20-30 minutes while you stretch and rest, then pack your babe back up in the stroller and run home! I do this a lot on weekends and it’s a nice way to spend some time with my boys and still fit in a run.


Ultimately, running with a jogging stroller allows for some extra flexibility, so look at it as a tool in your running arsenal and enjoy these easy runs with your little one while they are little!

Do you run with a jogging stroller? If so, what is your best mom hack for these runs?!

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