Can I use your coaching services for just one month without any obligation to continue? Absolutely! My ultimate goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools for you to successfully achieve your goal(s). If this only requires one month of coaching, then you will only be billed for month with no further obligation or hassle.

How do I determine how long I will need your coaching services? This, along with several other points, will be established in our 1 hour phone consultation. I will ask you questions to get a clear understanding of your goal(s) and when you would like to achieve your goal. From there, I can give you a good idea of a training plan and length.

Do you really offer unlimited communication in your Premium plan? Yes! I really do offer unlimited communication via, email and/or text. Tackling any new goal can be daunting and sometimes discussing your fears with your coach, walking through your workout for the day, and how to implement your workout, is all it takes to get you fired up to nail your run!

Do you offer a money back guarantee? Generally, I am a huge fan of money back guarantees. Here is my thought on this with any coaching service – I can give you the knowledge, the tools, the motivation, the hand-holding, and the encouragement to achieve your goal (which I am MORE than happy to do!), but ultimately it comes down to YOU doing the work. I can lead you to the track, but you must put one foot in front of the other and run. What I do guarantee is a no-obligation 1 hour phone consultation with each of my coaching packages. If after that 1 hour you do not feel like I am the best fit for you and your running journey, then you don’t pay anything.

Do you offer any kind of discounts? Yes! For all active duty or retired military and first responders I offer a 25% discount. I also extend this discount to spouses! If you have a specific discount in mind, please send me an email, so I can review it!

Do you only coach beginners and/or women? No, I don’t coach only beginners or only women. This is my area of expertise and I love to see new runners find their way with running, and begin to write their story! However, I have worked with various level athletes and thoroughly enjoy the challenge and seeing advanced athletes crush their goals! And I don’t only coach women. Again, as a woman and a mother, this is my area expertise, and know first hand how training can be effected by the female body.

Do you coach pre-teens/teens? Yes, I do coach pre-teens and teens! It’s extremely important to me for young runners to be equipped with correct information, proper tools, and effective ways to carry out their training to avoid injury and burnout.

How do I get started? The first step is to fill out the Running Questionnaire found here and on the Home page. From there, I will review your responses and within 48 hours reach out to you to schedule a no-obligation 1 hour phone consultation to gather more information, get to know you, and your goals. Should you continue with my coaching services, you will be emailed a consent/wavier form and billed for your selected coaching services. Once I receive those, you will have a custom created training plan for us to review and discuss. And that’s it!

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